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Hilarious Old Film...

This looked so bizarre I thought I'd rent it, and although it's complete tosh and has longeurs aplenty, there are scenes so very funny that I can guarantee you'll ROFL. It's supposed to be serious,I think, although I find it hard to believe that Dirk Bogarde wasn't deliberately cutting the campest figure in the history of the world as the bloodthirsty villain and hater of religion, Anacleto. We have a lot of deep smouldering looks passing between him and the worried-looking priest (John Mills with very intermittent brogue), who wants to convert him and save the dreary little town he and his louche sidekicks hold in thrall. There's also a dumb girl, who's kind of in love with both of them, but mainly the elderly priest, who has a crush on her, too, but has to smother his feelings, to serve God,..and devote his time to Anacleto. Priest and bandit both end up shot, and the final image is of their dead hands nearly touching, Father Keogh's draped over Anacleto's shiny leather crotch. There's a wonderful sub-spaghetti-Western score blaring out all the time, too, to emphasize the moments of steamy emotion. See this film!

I saw a little pack of those sugarloaf pineapple chunks 'reduced to clear' in Waitrose, yesterday, and satisfied my curiosity. I can report they are very nice, perhaps a bit sweeter than 'ordinary' and rather less fibrous. If I were a lotto winner or something, I'd probably buy them regularly.


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