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Wotta Swizz...

Cute Ukranian baritone didn't win CARDIFF SINGER OF THE WORLD. He did take the song prize, though.
I didn't even get dressed today. Boy, am I Mentally Ill.
This week's rentals included the delightful LES PLAGES D'AGNES (Varda), and SHRINK, with Kevin Spacey at his most hangdog, playing a grieving therapist who gets too reliant on dope to take the edge off, and his collection of LALA land clients.Gore Vidal strangely appears in a cameo as a TV host. Not entirely bad, but like many US dramas, it got a bit  unlikely-happy-endingish. I also watched GUNGA DIN, one of those ancient b&w films my sister and I would gawp at over and over on MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE. I remember thinking the Thugs were quite scary. Chortle...
Two more eccentrics down, dammit; 'Wild Man Fischer' the mentalist street shouter who was promoted for a time by Frank Zappa, and the bloke who sat in his tent on Parliament Square for many years protesting against war. Alas.


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