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Silly Swan...

Saw BLACK SWAN, which I'd been looking forward to, but found it a bit lame, actually. The 'mad' bits were entertaining, but the main character was so absurd you couldn't really get involved. Dancers can be weird, of course, but I fail to see how anyone so completely childish and fragile could have forged a career as a dancer in a major company, much less as a soloist.  The script was  hopeless, too. One of those films where somebody says 'We all know the story...' then proceeds to tell it at length. Vincent Cassel  as the bullying choreographer looked as though he was trying not to laugh, the whole time, and I couldn't blame him. Winona Ryder's part as the over-the-hill ballerina seemed to have been cut a lot; she was kind of pointless, and I honestly don't think Natalie Portman was all that.So there.
I gave in and ordered a used copy of A GAME OF THRONES from Amazon. I've just gotta check it out, despite the threat of getting suckered into this huge series of Thick Books.


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