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Wet, Wet, Wet...

STRANGE sky out there...I got drenched earlier, but it's so nice to be getting some rain.
Ive been fidgeting all day in these fecking bandages. I could scream.
The critics mostly like that travesty of SIMON BOCCANEGRA. Oh well, to each his own. I still think it was chronic, even allowing for it being a rehearsal, etc.
Wonder if I'll get to the event at Orbital Comics tomorrow? Going by my record so far, probably not...
Had yet another doomsday dream last night. This one had a big spectacle of explosions and stuff, then there was an attempt to  fit in with a commune of survivors.
People were beginning to re-open a few shops and such and I went drinking with Prince Charles and Donald Sutherland in this pub that used to be in Barnet. I think Charles wanted to marry me. Then, I encountred this black woman who's always been mean to me in RL, in the hall, and said hello, thinking we should try to get along, under the circumstances, but she huffed past, and called me a nigger.

*ETC   Oops, Igor should be saying 'Ma cherie,' of cawse. Duh.

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