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Launderette and the big Sainsbury's at Notting Hill. I had a Nectar coupon to use by the 12th. Yet more cat food & litter were purchased.
Fretfully brooded a bit about how I'll probably soon be required to lose £11 or so a week fron housing benefit 'cos I have a 'extra' room, or  relocate to a smaller flat. Of course, there are virtually no one-bedroom flats, that's why I got this one in the first place. This hasn't had much publicity so far, but it's yet another example of this insane government's follies that will cause so much anguish, yet probably lose money for them. Jesus wept.
Took me about half an hour to change the bed linen. I just can't reach. I keep wishing I had a cleaner. There's a lot of stuff I can't do any more, like scrub floors properly. Mumble...
Saw THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, which I watched when it first came out, but couldn't remember. It's not really worth remembering, although not really crap, either. Meh.

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