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I Hate The World...

Yeh, hot again, but  there's still a wee breeze now and then. I went back to Northcote Road and bought a load of organic catfood, litter, etc.
Also got Amazy a new catnip mouse, and she's spark out, legs splayed even more indecently than usual.
Hideous grump-inducing misery on the overpacked bus, as per usual. The drivers seem to especially  like doing that revving thing at red lights, and speeding over bumps when there are too many wheelies and loads of standees, many old and gimpy, or very little and prone to soaring shrieking into the air when bumped hard enough. I guess nothing will be done until there's an accident with a lot of casualties. Hope I ain't one. Grunt.
I cannot belieeeve that the BBC is trotting out a new series of the absurd LUTHER. I mean, what kind of tec can't solve a case without busting up his office or putting his giant superhero fist through a door  every blinking week? Well, I guess a lot of gurls & gays want to ogle Idris Elba, and admittedly, I quite like the character of  his doolally psychogirl frienemy.


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