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.I felt the fear, and the hideously intense back owie, and did it anyway. Yup, I went to the Alternative Press Fair at Conway Hall.  Of course, it was very scary, as it was utterly packed, and I couldn't get down the aisles with my trolley, which I was afraid to leave outside the hall, as there didn't seem to be a cloakroom, or anybody on reception. It was also very humid (althugh cool, thank the gods-) and stuffy, so I was sweating and sniffling hideously. I briefly encountered a few people, including the lovely Charlotte Cooper in a naughty baseball cap, the annoyingly gifted Richard Cowdry (fuckin' love his delightful oldfashioned style), the 'Whores'' apprentice boy, but not Ms Lindner, and the ubiquitous Andy 'Konky Kru'. Unfortunately, I find it impossible to actually talk at these things, as it's so noisy, and I'm always afraid of getting in the way, etc, when people are trying to sell their stuff. Also saw a few veterans like Woodrow Phoenix, who I recognise, but have never actually met, and they probably don't know who I am. Mostly everyone was frighteningly YOUNG, and there's just so much stuff these days that it's a bit overwhelming, although it's good, of course, and I hope everyone managed to make a bit of profit. I bought almost nothing, of course, for the obvious reason. I did pick up the new  COMIX READER, great value for a squid, and possibly even better than the first one.
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I went to the talk about French zines, with Paul Gravett and Phillippe Morin, which was interesting, but really needed more in the visual department. Their were a few illustrations, but on a small laptop. Vintage comix were passed around, though, so that helped.
Afterwards I went back in the hall, this time minus the waggon, as there were some people working at the desk. I had a look round to see if Charlotte was still about, or if Ellen had returned. No dice. It was more crowded than ever, and I felt like Gargantua, blocking the aisles as the cool & trendy yoof josted around me. My back was getting worse, despite my being drugged up, so I reckoned it was time to pat myself on the head for my courageous accomplishment (!), and get the fuck out. I think it's 2-3 years since I've been able to manhandle myself to any conventions at all, so I done good. Hup!


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