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It really is cold,eh? Hasn't felt like this for years. I'm shivering in my dressing gown and three layers, but I prefer this to hot weather, no contest.
Does anybody know where the line "I'm angry, ill and ugly as sin." comes from ? God knows, it's a useful one, and familiar, but I can't place it...
Saw 2 cool films last night, the ancient QUAI DES BRUMES, which was gorgeous, just my kinda thing. I love those dreamlike old b&w tragic romance things. This was directed by the daddy of 'em all, Marcel Carne (LES ENFANTS DU PARADIS!), and starred woofy Jean Gabin. Damn fine!...Then sat up & watched Aldomovar's THE LAW OF DESIRE, with that nice Mr Banderas. Jeezus...
New COMICS JOURNAL has a review of BOGUS DEAD, but I'm not mentioned (mumble...) Guess I'm one of the 'still playing in a garage band at the age of 56 (-er) 29' brigade. Bah! Blind Fools... All in all, a nice,long writeup, anyway. Not exactly UN-positive.

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