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Didn't Make It...

Felt bad about not going to the demo, but was scared of falling over, fainting in the humidity, being kettled, whaever. Of course, there were people in wheelchairs, blind people, etc. etc. who did get there, and three cheers for them. Nevertheless,I  doubt if this government would care if a terminally ill person had decided to immolate him/herself in protest at their madness. It seems it's all too true that they're now getting away with things that even SnatcherThatcher could only have dreamed of. *Sigh*
I did get as far as the hospital to get the latest blood test out of the way. The buses, of course, were up the creek, and there was an altercation between a prissy posh old lady and  a chippy Afro-Carribean woman, each as bad as the other, that is really going to have to be a strip.
I bought a load of cheap strawberries and watched HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, 1. It was the best of the lot so far, but that's not really saying much. It baffles me that adults actually read the books. 


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