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Humid yuck time is back. And, of course, every  time I sneeze, thanks to hypochondriac-spooking headlines, I think I'm gonna pop a brain aneurysm . Oh yes, and did you read about how people who are overweight in middle age are like 70 times more likely to get dementia?
Went to launderette, and on to the pet shop in Northcote Road to score one of those nice big storage tins they're giving away if you buy two kilos of expensive organic stuff. I don't know this brand, and I'm curious to try it, but I doubt if it could be better than the 'James Wellbeloved' I've been converted to.
Watched the new thriller on BBC2, SHADOW LINE. Seems to be one of those baffling ones that are nonetheless quite fascinating, and it's got a fab cast. I really can't imagine, though, even under the Tories' new standards for 'disability', how a guy with a bullet  permanently lodged in his brain, causing amnesia, could be still running around detective-ing.
PSYCHOVILLE is back, and looks like it will be as wonderfully vile as ever.


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