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More Nurse Ranting...

I had a different nurse this week, but she had exactly the same baffling accent as the last one, and took over an hour and four phone calls to get here from nearby Cedars Road...She was with another nurse, who did speak good, understandable English, but mostly let the other one do the talking, while i got near to fretful old lady tears, with frustration and embarrassment. More hassles about not having the right dressings, etc.
Surely it would save the NHS money if I just continued to go to the clinic at St Thomas'? I know it's absurdly busy there, and I don't want to add to the overwork of the nurses...BUT. 
I used to moan about having to wait hours there, as well, but at least when they saw me, they all spoke intelligibly and knew what they were doing. I'm probably spending more time waiting for the district nurses than i did at the hospital anyway. Gnyaaaah!
Very boring, i know, but I felt the urge to vent.
Very interesting documentary on BBC4 tonight about Frank Baum. I never read OZ books as a kid, but it was fascinating. Love those illustrations.


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