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It seemed a lot longer than six weeks. I felt quite sick when i woke up today, and considered giving it a miss, but  I knew i couldn't do that. I do feel a certain sense of accomplishment in having forced myself to attend every excruciating  meeting.
Actually, everybody else seemed to think it was a wonderful experience, and, of course, I felt ashamed to be the only one who didn't profit from it. There was an embarrassing bit when we all had to say how we thought each membber had changed in the course of group (. I didn't notice any change in most of the people...) Evidently I seemed to have better mobility and looked healthier than at the start, despite actually being in more pain, and finding walking, even with the trolley, more difficult than usual!. I dunno...
It was such a delight to get home. Last episode of THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE tonight. I've actually refrained from  looking at any spoilers.


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