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Good Ol' Rothko...,11710,855331,00.html
...He was like, totally warped. It still annoys me that these paintings wot used to be in a spooky wee room on Millbank have been snatched by Tate Modern. Many's the grey day I useta sit in there, going into a slide-off-the-bench trance, no doubt edgily observed by guards.
If any rich aspiring patrons are reading this,(Hey, never give up, right?...) I really rather need to go to Italy, while I can still hobble, to groove on this Laurentian Library whose existence I was only barely aware of, and I've never been to the Villa of the Mysteries, either...
BTW, The Virgin of Guadalaupe's cameo today is in the Guardian magazine, sitting on a mantlepiece as part of a Christmas Kitsch display. She's after me I tell youse...

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