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I was out and about fairly early, and there was a bit of breeze, which was lovely. It's feckin' hot, now, but a bit less horrid than it has been.
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS was on TV, and I watched it for a little while. Love that rumbling, sinister  'God' voice; sounds more like Fafner, or something. I vividly remember attending this film as a nine-year-old, as I was baffled by the alarmingly weird feeling I got whenever Yul Brynner, all oiled up, appeared, striding around moodily in his Pharonic nappy. Must have been my first sexual turn-on, and fancying of someone who's just Wrong..
Always odd, that. What makes you sometimes feel quite sort-of attracted  to people who are just chronic, really? Two recent examples: camel-faced Larry lamb, who was supervillain Archie on EASTENDERS, and another 'ENDER, the guy who plays hapless schlub Masood.
R Next Door was saying outrageously insulting things about fat people again. There's a chubby boy on one of the lower floors, and he crowded into the lift with her and the big dawgs. She 'couldn't help' herself, and told him he should have taken the stairs, it would do him good! Thank the gods, I wasn't there at the time. Poor kid probably gets tortured enough at school without stuff like that.
I know there's no point in confronting her about it, as she simply doesn't get it, and then I feel like I've been touchy, etc., but the steam comes out of my ears sometimes.


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