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Oh Lord, It's Hot...

The people upstairs are treating me to the pounding bass and wardancing business, too. WTF are they doing? I went out early to Sainsbury's, just to go out, really, and by the time I'd gone round, the place was chocka, with everyone stocking up for the long weekend. I just missed the big queueing and trolley-raging events. Whew!
The pollution is excruciating, and I expect tomorrow will be even worse.
Nothing much on TV, so I watched KATARIN VARGA. It's a real 'art' film. Not much story, really, a short, sharp rustic revenge thing. What was very impressive was the amazing mountain  locations in virtually untouched Romania, where people were, until very recently, getting around mainly by horse and cart, although there were plently of celphones, TV, etc. There were spooky, sparsely populated rural villages with plenty of exotically dilapidated farmhouses, too. It would be really nice if some regions could be preserved that way. (Some chance-). It was beautfully shot, and the soundrack was eerily seductive.

Tesco-bombing riots in Bristol, eh? My goodness-


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