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Practise Nurse...

I had to wait in all day for this woman; first she said she'd be coming between 12-2, then 'after 4'.... She rang several times because she couldn't find the place, which was taxing as I had to ask her to repeat herself all the time, and I'm not even sure she understands much English.When she finally arrived she rang me again because I wasn't answering the door. (She was ringing the wrong number-) The bandages, etc. I'd been sent weren't the right ones, and the others I'd asked for now won't be in until at least tomorrow, etc. etc. I don't see why I couldn't have just kept going to St Thomas', except of course, that they're so overwhelmed patients on the one day a week that clinic is open. Jeez Louise...
THE WALKING DEAD wasn't much good storywise; the usual stuff, with stock characters, at least so far. It might well improve. I must say the zombies are the grossest ever, though


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