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Ecco Il Mondo...

Bah, I hate the world...Took an HOUR to get to Stockwell today, standing on the bus, being bounced around, having to try and step aside for the giant breeder chariots which shouldn't have been allowed on in the first place...(Three of them, three shopping trolleys, and quite a few more standees. If there were an accident, we'd all be total Spam.
THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE tonight looks intriguing. Again, not a book I've read, and the notion of an IT CROWD guy as a rich Edwardian lech is a bit strange...We shall see.
Gimp Group was especally tedious. I don't like speaking when I've nothing positive to say, as I don't want to alienate/ bring down those who are into it, but they make you. Then I felt guilty. Meh...I've nearly finished DEPRESSO by 'Brick', and it's generally quite good, but I find his drawings so profoundly ugly that it puts me off. Matter of individual taste, o'course, but I really hate them.
Seem to be recovered from my gutrot of last night, thank the gods, and received a letter about my lovely faecal samples, saying they were normal. Yay. That reminds me, I watched that FILTHY CITIES programme, and it really is GROSS. I had one of the scratch & sniff cards provided by the Radio Times, and ''sewage sludge'  really was enough to bring tears to yer eyes. They must be a huge hit i the school playgrounds of the land.
No luck scanning today, or indeed getting onto LJ without great travail.

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