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Random Musings...

I was surprisingly upset by the sudden demise of Knut, the celeb Polar bear, at such an early age.Partly because everything seems so sad these days. Also made me wonder if the mother who rejected him and his short-lived twin didn't have some instinct that they weren't  'right' that the humans missed. Morbidly interesting.
I was enthralled to the last by THE KILLING, but must say I'm glad I won't be seriously compelled to watch it any more (until series 2-) some things are just too addictive. The perpetrator  I'd suspected from the start dunnit, but with all sorts of intriguing complications. All the actors deserve some kind of award. Totally brill.
I'm getting settled into TREME, now. It's a bit gentle, so far,but maybe that's a nice change.The music is terrific.
During the week I also watched some more of LOST 6, nearly done, and CENTURION...Very good cast, loads of head chopping arterial spurting, ululating Pict she-devils etc., but somehow quite dull.
I seem to be regaining the use of my right arm, thank the gods. I guess I must have slept on it wrong, or something. I do tend to get into weird positions at night, with all my moaning, groaning and flailing about. Well,with the dreams I have, it's not surprising...
I had some really scary, unexplained PC malfunction over the weekend, but it seems to have settled down, fingers crossed. Must try scanning, later. Launderette first....Grump.


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