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s'Not Fair...

It's really wrong for it to be this hot in March.
Dragged myself to Clapham Junction ,for no reason really,just trying not to be agroraphobic.
R Next Door has her new rescue lurcher,Peppi,now, and is in ecstasy.He's a sweetie, but I really don't see how she can keep two big dogs and a cat in a flat like mine.
Still can't lift my arm without groaning and wincing. I've got no strength at all,and of course, I had hassles on the bus. The drivers seem to be making a point of letting like 4 puhchairs on, plus me and another trolley user. It's just impossible...Also, they seem to be parking  a foot or more away from the kerb,making it difficult to get on (God forbid they should lower the step...) I wonder if this is some kind of work to rule action, as it definitely seems to be on the increase.
Oh well, I'm gonna check out the new WOMEN IN LOVE on BBC4 shortly.


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