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It's effin' summer,now.I am so peeved.The anguish event  of the day is that  the pain in my right shouder,  is now such that I can't lift my arm properly. This adds to the fun when  being pushed and shoved on the bus, hauling my trolley on and off, etc.etc. Fap.
The crip course was slightly less awful this time, and they set out some fruit, including a lovely sliced pineapple, messy but nice. I discussed the 'silent scream' technique I used to practise in the theatre toilets when particularly furious/miserable.It seemed to go down well. Some of the people are OK, and nobody is really dreadful.. It's surprising how many of them also have underactive thyroids.One woman reckons thyroxine adds to chronic fatigue.I always thought it was supposed to help. Oh well, gotta take it, in any event.
My fucking kettle's frelled.I've only had it a year or so, and it was quite an expensive one. Fap and fap again.There is also nothing on TV.
I've been watching BOARDWALK EMPIRE online, and enjoying it. Not one of the real greats, but very entertaining. I'm finding getting into TREME more difficult, possibly because I'm just following too many series at the moment. Also, like THE WIRE, I think it's a slow burner.I'll probably go back to it next week. I've only seen two eps.


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