Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Cool Case...

Laundry day. Meh. At Clapham Junction TK Maxx, I bagged a cabin-sized suitcase, one of those hardshell 4-wheelers, ever so light, in a camo print. Yeh! I lusted  last time they had them, but of course, when i decided I did need one, they were all gone when I got back. Not cheap at £40, but  I think it will be easier (and far cooler-)  to schlep about on my next jaunt.
I've still got intense owies all over that Tramadol isn't doing much for. Bugger.
LoveFilm sent me GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, which I really did enjoy, and, of course, it clarified some stuff that baffled me in the sequel. I still think ...PLAYED WITH FIRE was pretty inferior, though.
I see Michael Gough, longtime stalwart of many horror films, 'notably' KONGA and TROG  has passed at 94. RIP

I've actually managed a 'diary' doodle every day this month, counting travel stiff from France.

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