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Crip Course...

Went to the pain management thing at Stockwell. Not looking forward to the next five weeks, as it's all the usual happy-clappy stuff so far, very CBT-influenced. Now I'm not saying anything against CBT, as it's great for those it works for, but I just can't haelp thinking of Pollyanna's obnoxious 'glad game'. Oh well, a couple of the people seem OK. Everyone has similar complaints; arthritis, poor mobility, depression, etc. so we can compare whinges.
Saw LET ME IN, which much to my surprise, was as good as the original film, if not a bit better. I think I saw LET THE RIGHT ONE IN too soon after reading the book, so found it a bit of a letdown. The US version puts a bit more emphasis on the 'horror' stuff, which is no bad thing in my book, although I liked the kids in the Swedish version better.


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