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It feels like somebody is trying to jack both my kneecaps off with a tin opener, and don't let me get started on my back and shoulders. Whinge! I'm starting that 'how to resign yourself to living in pain' workshop at Stockwell on Wednesday. If it doesn't help at least there will be other gimps to grouse with.
Struggled out to PC World  just for a change of scene, and to buy screen wipes. It's about the only place you can get them for less than about £7, and I sneeze often,  and spit coffee quite a lot, due to laughing/raging while online...
I went into that big WholeFood branch, and gaped at yummy-looking stuff i couldn't afford. (Mmm, cheeses!) Nifty looking breads & baked goods, too, but really extortionate. I also  sniffed around TK Maxx, and ended up buying a denim scarf/shawl, that supposedly started out at £44, for £6. Heh!
The thought of thousands of bodies being washed up on Japanese shores is  pretty hairraising... I've had nightmares similar to that; never expected it would actually be happening in the world. Brrrr.


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