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Lille is a very pleasant little place indeed. We had a great time, really, despite both of us being in the usual loads of discomfort, and battling total exhaustion (which I've now given in to; haven't unpacked yet...)
Our worst disaster, was being thwarted by traffic, and bus non-appearence, even though we'd given it 'plenty of time' to get to St Pancras. Friday. we ended up losing £15 on a taxi, and just making it. Ohh, the stress and strain!
We walked a lot, mostly in the old town, tormented by cobblestones. It's pretty, and a very clean sort of place, except for the inevitable French dogshit all over the streets. We ate horribly well in a little place on the Rue de la Monnaie that was very reasonable, comfy, close to our hotel and sells amazingly tasty tarts, hot and cold, sweet and savoury, all delicious. Urp!
We spent the best part of a day doing the Palais des Beaux Arts. It's a big 'un. The cathedral, on the other hand is rather modest, and the miraculous Madonna is rather difficult to see, way over the altar, and smallish.
It's expensive, unfortunately. You're unlikely to find any bartgains here... We had a browse in the small weekend market selling old postcards, magazines, posters and toys, which was quite interesing, but I didn't buy anyything. They had every TinTin character toy imaginable, except Mme Castafiore, which is the one I want.
We weren't able to get in touch with Sasa's friend ' El Rotringo', as he wasn't around when we phoned. Another time, maybe. I wouldn't mind visiting Lille again, especially during the September mega flea market.
We were spoilt by the 5 star palace we stayed at in Cologne, and our Lille hotel seemed dull and cramped. The location couldn't have been better, though, and it was friendly and scrupulously clean.
Hope I can sort out the scanner, as there are doodles, etc. to be posted.

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