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Hmm, I've been notified that the dosage of thyroxine I've been on for some time is too high. I wonder if that could account for the night fevers thing? probably not, but we'll see what happens.
In the meantime, the grotesque nightmares continue, always too convoluted to even write down properly, let alone make a strip or anything out of. Last night, I was dragged into some sort of business swindle investigation. Several posh, suited men were taking me to their headquarters , a sort of supersized Speer confection. You had to get there in these little flying machines rather like London Eye pods. I didn't know it, but at a certain point you were just shot out and allowed to float down to the building by parachute, which i hadn't noticed I was wearing. It was a long, long, fall, and I was shrieking like Nigel Pargetter all the way down.
When I landed at last,  was raging at the coolass spy guys who really weren't very interested in my anguish. They told me that Sherlock Holmes had been called in to help, and indeed, at that moment the Jeremy Brett version, with tophat and long pipe, appeared at the door, looking impatient....
I felt a bit weepy watching EASTENDERS last night, which must be indicative of my galloping insanity. The clownish Heather has been staggering around with a gut-wrenching cough for weeks, struggling to do the several menial jobs she needs to survive and care for her ill-advised baby. Yesterday the electric meter ran out, she was denied several chances to eat somebody's half-finished meal, etc. by chance. Then she refused a couple of gifts of bits of food/money because she was ashamed, then she quarreled with her battleaxe best friend Shirl, and just when things were starting to look up a bit, she collapsed into exhausted slumber next to an obviously malfunctioning boiler...
Ordinarily, I'd just scoff and snigger, but somehow, it all reminded me of similar times in my life, and grim fears of soon being reduced to such circumstances again. Glub!
OMG, Larry, the new Downing Street cat is almost an identical twin of my Amazy.

Hope his crap is equally lethal, and that he manages to make the odd deposit on  the Prime ministerial  duvet


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