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Sickly , Spellbinding...

After yet another night of waking , burning up, from ultra-weird nightmares, I wondered if I'd be able to stay conscious throughout  the  epic ultra-weird nightmare of PARSIFAL. I got right into it, though. This Nicholas Lehnhoff  production has been very popular with critics and audiences, and  I found it much less tedious that some.
The cast was topnotch, with the lovely John Tomlinson still a wonderful Gurnemanz, although, of course, his top notes aren't what they once were. In a casting change, Jane Dutton sang Kundry impressively, and I really liked the voice of Tom Fox, an artist I'd never encountered before, as Klingsor. I saw Iain Paterson as Mephistopheles some months ago, and found him rather bland. Amfortas seemed to suit him much better, though.  Stuart Skelton's Parsifal sounded fine, but, for me, lacked charisma; couldn't fault him though.
The last time I saw this production, in '99, Titurel was sung by a friend, now, alas, passed away decades too early, which gave me a bit of a melancholy twinge. This time round, Andrew Greenan, in a really alarming  gold deathmask, got the most out of his appearance.
helenraven   commented that the piece is an excellent advertisement for the abolition of both organised religion and monarchy, and in the end, the producer agreed, as Parsifal (Led by the still-alive Kundry) wandered offstage, after  taking the crown from Amfortas, who promptly died, instead of being more happily 'healed', and leaving it discarded,with the carcass of Titurel. Anyway, damn fine show, and the production is being retired, so i advise any Wagnerites to check it out, if possible.

I'd actually been fairly comfortable, until the last act,when various body bits started going to sleep. Once up and outdoors, I discovered the ol' knees had totally locked up, ker-chung. Fortunately, the bus stop is quite close, and I didn't have long to wait.
Followed the 'sublime' with the entertainingly ridiculous latest episode of BEING HUMAN. I really actually like Robson Green, as a werewolf.

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