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Scanner Agita...

Interesting...i managed to upload this, but it took AGES. I was using one of those lil' fake  moleskines from Tiger, and you can see the last page  showing through...
R Next Door was saying she wants to be home in the Austrian mountains by 21 December, when the Mayan calendar runs out, and we all disintegrate screaming...
I've been waking up boiling hot at night. Bit late for menopausal symptoms, i would have thought, except maybe the gods noticed i'd never had any, and decided to zap me now. Actually, i've always had 'hot flushes' of sorts, as my skin is so sensitive i always light up after half a glass of wine, getting annoyed, or moving from a cool room to a warm one, etc., and I suffer in warm weather. This is worse, though I feel feverish even though it's cold, and I only have a sheet over me. Wonder if Amazy has been sneaking in and draping her thick-coated fatcat bod over me until I start to  wake up, then fleeing? Wouldn't put it past her...

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