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I'm Not Very Observant....

Thanks to whoever sent the 'mystery gift', and to cleanskies  for the otter, and everyone else who's ever sent me a virtual LJ prezzie.I've actually never noticed them before! Duh...

Another grim day of despair aand wastage.. . I watched the first disc of a marathon biog of Wagner starring Richard Burton looking like a zombie. (Actually, he died soon after appearing in this-) I think i may have seen it when it was a TV series. I certainly remember the bit where his piano is being sledged through the snow. It's hard to understand how Wagner captivated all these people, loads of hott women lusting, people supporting him in luxury for most of his life, when he had no money, etc. He was an ugly bugger, and a real fuckin' rotter. Genius, of course, is a turn-on. Picasso was rather similar . At least he had signs of a GSOH, though. Wagner was a bit of a tedious blowhard.
 Pleasant last-minute denoument to the Egypt dustup. God knows what will happen now, though. Let's hope they can actually get things to work out well for all concerned. I suppose it's possible....

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