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ohhh, and windycold.Wouldn't surprise me if this winter had some more snow in it. My sister in upstate New York just got another foot of it.
Schlepped to the launderette and collected my Great Bustard mug (veh nice!) from the mail depot...You can't ring and ask for re-delivery any more. You get a nine-minute recording that went on and on, then, at the end, couldn't understand me saying  'Lee...LEE...L-e-e!', and with a sad inflection, diverted me to an 'operative' who never answered. Grunt.
No progress on the rubbish chute front. I'm afraid to go anywhere near that lil' room in case giant rats leap out.
That crazee circle of sculptures near Parliament that  I mentioned the other day is by a Mexican artist called Rivelino, and called All Our Silences. Unfortunately, it's only here until mid-February. I really like it.


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