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The Sun Came Out...

Made a change for sure. I prefer grey skies, but variety is the spice...Otherwise a dull day of launderette schlepping. Prices are going up so quickly that 'service' washes are becoming prohibitively dear. Still, after another hour in  that dump, with nearly all the driers broken, I'm inclined to return to the decadence of just leaving the stuff there for others to deal with.
Went to Sainsbury's and continued to try and get someone from the feckin' council to clear the blockage in the rubbish chute. It's getting pretty damn ripe, now. It astonishes me that people, discovering the chute is kaput, don't take their reeking rubbish down to the bins on their way outdoors, but leave it sitting there, oozing  Gross.
It turns out that Sasa has been to Lille a couple of times, and knows  a designer guy there who might be able to give us some tips on local colour and whatnot. Of course, we don't really have much time, but it will be nice if we can meet him.


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