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Rain, Rain...

Have we had 40 days and 40 nights yet?
The rubbish chute is blocked for the third straight day.This sucks tremendously when there's cat litter to be dealt with; must be delightful for all the breeders with disposable nappies, too... There were no concierges to be found at the weekend, since they banished the only decent one to Brixton, and nobody can get through to the Lambeth Life repairs line, including the concierge on duty today. While I was trying, one of the recordings said that if you were holding on a long time, you could always try their web page. When I got there, the web page gave me the number I'd been ringing. I ended up sending an email to another department, which will probably be ignored... @#+*!!!
Watched 35 SHOTS OF RUM, which got so much praise when it was released. I found it rather dull and pointless.
Gotta make an appointment for my eye test. I'm afraid my cataracts are growing fast. *Sigh*

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