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Feelin' Peculiar...

Just for a change. New meds seem to be doing something very odd to me. Back feels marginally less painful, though, so I'm going with it...
More weird, sad, infuriating family stuff. Ai, ai ai, my in a million, she is...
I'm still engaged in my losing batttle with Photoshop. Projects still not finished. Who gives a monkey's; why am I doing this to myself, anyway? I still can't even import an image to get started on, after 9 weeks' intensive. Wah! Gonna have to put the heat on soon, it's dank as a church vault in here, and I'm still full of cold, although greatly improved. Still reading that huge Victor Morosco interview in COMICS JOURNAL. My sub's almost up, and I won't be able to renew it. That will break my heart, although I have to admit I'm not particularly interested in a fair number of the major pieces they run, these days.
POPBITCH is 'on holiday', or in hiding, after all the to-do about the Beckham gossip. Dumb stuff, but a bit worrying. The thought police seem to be pushing thin wedge-ends everywhere, and everyone's too apathetic (including me-) to actually do anything about it...

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