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Christmas Past...

Well, the end of another winter holiday. It was nice having R come round on New Year's Eve, but then she turned up again, yesterday, and gave me brain damage talking lunacy about diets and potions. She's 'worried' about me having the op, as if she didn't have enough to fret about, and being semi-anorexic herself, has some curious 'Couldn't you just stop eating for a few months?' said in all feckin' seriousness. I don't need this, but there's no point in getting angry; she just doesn't get it.
Watched THE PIANIST, which I'd had on my 'recorded' list for about a year. Can't fault it, but it was 'worthy', and God knows, depressing.
Did some panels for a jam in  PUCK, but having the usual ignorant confusions making them into dpi files and sending them. Pitiful.
The only decent concierge we had in this building has been transferred to Brixton as punishment for falling out with some knob in the TA. There's  a petition going round, but I don't hold out much hope. This guy was the only one of the lot whose English I could decipher, apart from anything else. Bum.


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