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Holiday Cheer...

Had R Next Door in here for a while, in a serously fucked up state. Bad stuff going on in her family, and the festive season is getting to her. Wish i could help, but whaddya gonna do?.. I listen, nod, and sometimes go Hmm, yeh...Felt pretty sad myself, by the time she'd gone.
Watched a rather weird film about a crim-type macho man in meltdown , 44 INCH CHEST. Several big acting guns exercising their chops, most notably a rivetingly creepy turn by John Hurt.
Ms Ellen Lindner, young cartoonist of note, popped in to borrow  a couple of books. We'd never actually met before, and I was flabbergasted to learn that she spent most of her childhood in the dreaded Wlliston Park, Long Island, where I was dragged up! That is so very strange I still haven't quite taken it in... Grim Long island suburbs seem to be one of  the best breeding grounds for cartoonists,though, not to mention old-style Catholic schools (Ellen L also attended St Aidan's for a time. Eeeeee!)


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