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North Wind Doth Blow...

Yow, I'm glad we're not still in Cologne. Seems to be a lot of precipitation going on, there. ..I'm sitting here trying to occupy myself, as I prepare to leave for the hospital appointment. Ohhhhh, I'm frit.  I must remember that I need my hernia sorted, anyway, so I really might as well go for the bypass, but  I'm a loony, and don't know what I'm doing...Wibble.
I've ordered a new waterproof jacket, men's, with zipper pockets  on the sleeve, etc., which will no doubt give the 'fans' in the street who like to speculate on my gender something fresh  to hoot about.  Can't find anything in laydeez sizes that's comfortably loose enough, though, and basically, I don't give a care. Needless to say, once it arrives, it will probably turn into a warm winter for the duration.
If I'm not in complete hysterics later, I might try to get the energy to start scanning my travel scritches in.

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