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Hard Travellin'..

We got back about 9 Saturday night. It should have been 3  PM...The weather in Germany was bad again, and just a bit outside of Cologne, an unfortunate youth threw himself in front of our train! Hence a couple of hours' delay, and a grim pall cast on the day. Poor bugger-
We missed our Eurostar connection needless to say, and spent a couple of hours in the rather dismal and dank Brussels-Midi. The Eurostar lounge was boiling hot, and I thought I was going to faint/puke, until we finally were able to board. Then we stopped for an hour or so at Lisle...I was hurtin' all over, despite tramadol, and just barely made it home from St Pancras. It was very mild in London, too. Gah!
Sooo good to be home. Amazy was in full cat ecstasy mode, and H and I  drank ginger beer and watched the new WALLANDER...The actor who's taken over the role will take some getting used to. Kurt seems to have undergone a full personality change as well as a body transplant. No understando. It's still good, though.
We arrived in Cologne Wednesday night, an hour or so late, in the midst of a sudden mini-blizzard! The Dom looks particularly amazing lit up, from the vantage point of the train station. The tour leader didn't realise there was a lift, and us gimpy types had to crawl huffing up the cathedral steps in the lacerating wind, our eyes blurred by sleet. People were knocking into each other trying to get up and down, etc. etc. Veh scary, but the hotel was close, and what a hotel! Total five star vavoom extravagance, of which more later. Sketchbook stuff when I recover.

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