Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Media Musings, etc....

Spoilsport SUN screams this morning... 'WAGNER BENEFITS PROBE'  ...The X-Factor contestant evidently clains for incapacity cos of his frozen shoulder. I've just checked him out on YouTube, and judging from his moves, it seems entirely possible to me that he is a legit claimant. you Tory swine.
Have been enjoying the 1972 BBC WAR AND PEACE, starring a dewy young Antony Hopkins as Pierre. It's rather stiff  by today's standards, but I regard it affectionately, as it enabled me to finally finish reading the book, once I had faces to put to the legion of lengthy Russian names. I also rather fancied the dog-faced Alan Dobie as Andrei, at the time-probably due to his voice. I'm ever a sucker for a melodious man.
Saw an absolutely terrific documentary, THE MADNESS OF PETER HOWSON on BBC4 last night.He's a proper national treasure. I've always liked his work, one of my favourites being the one from his Madonna series, where it looks like she's taking a dump in a cemetery.


I'm so enjoying this rare taste of proper winter. Mmm, breathing in crisp, clean-seeming air! How can people prefer stinky, sweaty summer?

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