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The Drugs Don't Work...

Not bloody yet, anyway. I'm thoroughly 'bad frelled', semi - comatose in the broken chair,and good for bloody nuffink. I dunno actually if this is the arthritis, which hits you like this, sometimes; very fluey and clogged sinusy, to go with the bone-disintegrating pain and immobility...or, if, indeed I have caught some bloody virus. It sucks, anyway. Don't need it at all before last Photoshop chance.
LE BOUCHER is coming on shortly,yet another famous film I've never seen, so may catch up on that, if I can stay awake. I see there's actually a German film festival at the Curzon Shaftesbury Ave., next week, featuring some nice angsty - looking stuff. Needless to say, I ,penniless and poorly, ain't going nowhere...
Have been debating with myself over printing graphic details of the true crapness of my situation on a public forum. In the interests of verismo, think I will continue, for the moment, to do so... Anais Nin, another major artistic egoist, published the 'transcendental' stuff from her own diaries when she was all old, with terminal cancer, etc., so she could continue to inspire the fans, but kept a seperate 'Book of Pain' not to be released for years, about the really hairy suffering and despair stuff. I think that's a bit of a cop-out, personally. Still not sure about it all...

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