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Well, Ithought it was warm. I kept wanting to take my jacket off. Damn. Had another shit night, and slept in, which i hate. I like to be up and puttering  about 7:30.
Finally got around to watching BORAT last night, and it certainly was hideously funny. I don't understand how he escaped being murdered, actually. and those people...I had the notion that the Jewish couple in the B&B were in on the joke, but the drunken frat boys, the fundy Xtians, the man at the rodeo...evedently they were all real. The mind boggles. It also astonishes me that two naked screaming 'terrorist' types could run flailing around a hotel like that without being gunned down by US security types. They really must have arranged that with the management. By gum, it were comical.






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