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Shit! Local Tragedy...

I went to bed about midnight last night, and kept waking up coughing...Despite this, I didn't hear the explosions at around 3 AM, when  a small detached flat on the other side of the estate blew up, it was completely destroyed, and the unfortunate tenant obliterated. Poor sod. RIP.
This morning I noticed a couple of fire department vehicles parked downstairs, but didn't really think much of it. Later I heard what sounded like scaffolding work, but thought it was just  contractors in the other tower. I never looked out the window, until R Next Door came round to talk about it; flames 40 feet high, etc. etc. and it was all on the news. Well I never saw it. They still don't know what caused it, which is a bit worrying. I never even smelled anything, due to being so bunged up.

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