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Hideous Old Fat Woman Mocks Totty...

I'm sorry, but Melinda Messinger looks like a mong to me. She looks like that Cenobite in HELLRAISER with the lil' fleshy knob for a head, and giant clacking teeth.
And don't deduce from this comment that I am watching CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, either... Uh-Uh; Me no sin... Well, I did look in a couple of times, but this time around, it really is too excruciating even for me to work up an obsession over. BORING!
I laboured up to the GP, leaning heavily on my shopping trolley, wheezing and saying 'Ow! Ow! Ow!' all the way. Fuck this for a game of 'Operation'... She gave me some new painkillers We shall see...
Watched that documentery about THE DEVILS; didn't bother with the film, seen it several times already. They all looked like they were having fun. Probably his best film, actually. Poor old Ken Russell, though -how did he manage to fall so totally out of favour? Surely his fillums always made money, even when he was being overly,overly self - indulgent, and at his nadir he's still more interesting than most.

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