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This Week's Lovefilm Rentals...

THE FOURTH KIND. Obviously  faked 'real-life' interviews with people in Nome Alaska, who were having problems with owl-like Sumerian-speaking aliens, combined with dramatisation of the story, starring the wooden Mila Jovovich. It actually did make me jump a couple of times, despite being tosh, because I kept nodding off, and there was a lot of screaming, which would jolt me awake.
VAMPIRE'S KISS, which I'd actually never got round to seeing, despite its reputation as one of the most demented films on earth. It truly is hilarious, and Nicolas Cage's incredibly grotesque performance possibly really is his most bizarre effort yet. This is the one where he 'really' eats a live cockroach, and it does look pretty convincing. Ew.

I woke up all flu-ey again, this morning. I think it may be allergy flare-up, like in the summer. Now that it's chilly at night, Amazy keeps sneaking in while I'm asleep and parking herself on my bum, which serves her as a giant hot water bottle.
I've given in tonight and switched the heating on for the first time. Ohh, that wind is ferocious.


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