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Woke up this morning groggily bunged up and voiceless; I've been in bed most of the morning propped up blearily on the miraculous moveable mattress.
H and I are hoping for a short break in early December, if we can get a booking this late... A return to lovely Cologne for gluhwein guzzling and re-visiting the Dom, then a day in Bonn for more markets and Beethoven's house. Hup!
Watched THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS, which was OK, but not Gilliam's best. I suppose under the circumstances, it's pretty amazing that it got made at all, though.
Got the new BRAIN SCRAPINGS zine from girlycomic , and am enjoying it, especially the doodles.  Anyone who hasn't put in a request for one yet, check it out.


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