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Sybarite's Guilt...

I felt a bit ashamed of myself today, for making such a huge investment in The Bed.  It does seem a bit depraved, as well as insane.
Still, it's just so fabulous, and if I ever have the op, I'll be needing to convalesce for a few weeks... Also,if I watch more DVDs, etc. in bed, I can also save money on heating...I'm beginning to wonder, though, if we'll need to turn the heat on this winter. This crazy, unwholesomely springy weather really irritates me, although I suppose many are grooving on it. The wind was pretty wild last night; lots of banshee wailing and door-rattling. Sounds like we may get some more tonight.
Watched BRIGHT STAR, which was very well done, pretty and tender and all that, but it didn't actually move me much, and I found myself nodding off quite a bit.
I'm feeling very sad for Obama, and everyone who's stuck in America. It may be shit here, but it's not that bad, yet.


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