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Excellent Film...

Watched Michael Haneke's  THE WHITE RIBBON last night and was utterly riveted. It's over two and a half hours long, but I was so mesmerised that I wanted it to go on, and was pissed off when it ended inconclusively.
It concerns a  mysterious series of strange acts of malice in a rural German town just before the Great War. The actors, including quite a few chldren, are brilliant, and  in my beloved black and white , it looks wonderful. The creepy dreamlike atmosphere of the repressed village is fascinating, and it's a total don't-misser.
Looks like I'll be missing another Comica Social meeting tonight. I'd really love to go, but I bottle out every time, and  currently looking like Big Daddy with my fresh haircut makes it all the more difficullt to go into a 'crowd' situation. Bah.

Got a cheap Pilot Parallel pen on Ebay, and am having fun fooling around with it. Not bad at all.

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