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Sunday Paper Scare...

Yet more alarming prospects for benefits claimants...I've been glancing at the repeats of BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF on BBC4 recently, thinking the stories must be very exaggerated, featuring things like 'agents' routinely knocking on dolescum doors, and hassling them if they're not at home, never mind working illegally! There was also this woman sent out to do her spying while posing as a sort of Avon Lady! It doesn't seem so unbelievable now. Heaven help us. That smirkscowl of Osbourne's is beginning to haunt my dreams.
Triumphed over my terror of 'heights' (yes, even a kickstep has always been a serious threat to my peace of mind-) and the audible cracking of my tormented knees, to get that lightbulb screwed in. I felt ludicrously pleased with myself!
I have the Chinese food frenzy on me, and it's not even properly lunchtime yet. NO! Can't afford it, not to mention anything else.


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