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Well, I finally saw AVATAR, and was amazed at how very dull it was. I know it was meant for a big IMAX 3D screen, but I expected to be a bit thrilled by the exotic world of Pandora...The only real visual excitement, for me, was the last half hour or so, which actually must have been pretty exciting, all comin' atcha in 3D, and all. The story and characters were so banal, stereotyped, and bland, though, that I found myself bored and annoyed with it all wayyy before the coolish action bits. I'd read that people were experiencing this sort of pschological syndrome that made them attend screenings several times, then left them depressed and yearning to be one of the People on Pandora. Give me Wandsworth Road! Really, that must have been some kind of disguised advertising feature....
I had to drag my sorry arse out of the pit this morning at 6 AM to be sure I'd be at Kings College hospital in time, allowing for all the transport delays that might strike. As it was, I was an hour early, but you really cannot rely on that happening. Glumly read Bukowski for a long time...Saw yet another doctor I'd never seen before, and whose English was very difficult to follow. He informed me that I'm not on the list for a Roux en Y, but a 'sleeve' bypass, and did I want to go over it all again with the surgeon? I don't care what they do, as long as it's keyhole surgery, the don't fuck me up, and I lose a lot of weight. There doesn't seem to be all that much between the two. Still no date, of course...'Two, maybe three month...' Yeah, they said four months a year and a half ago.

Someone help me, help me please! 
Is the answer up above?


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