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Fillums, Etc.

I've seen two more films that 'normal' people seem to enjoy, but I would never consider watching, except that there was nothing else on TV.
KNOCKED UP, was just shit. Not bad enough to get huffy about,( except that the female characters were breeding-obsessed nags with no personality,trying to keep the slacker boys under control and funless-) but it was... just-dumb-shit. I didn't find the gags particularly funny, but I know I don't appreciate most comedy.
JUNO was considerably better. The young leads were cute and charming, and it didn't have that churned-out fodder film look about it. There were  a few smiles,at least, if no laughs. It was fantastically unrealistic, at least to an old lady like me, everybody taking this 16-year-old's accidental pregnancy so laid-backly and being all warm and wise about it. I suppose, though, it wasn't intended to be kitchen sink drama. So, it was bearable to watch, and I didn't fall asleep, but it amazes me that people actually go out to crowded cinemas and pay £12 or whatever, to see such stuff. Meh.

R Next Door has to go to court because some woman deliberately kicked her car while it was (slowly) moving, and is now claiming to have a broken ankle. The police have it on record that there was no harm done, and it was the claimant's fault,anyway,  but there's all sorts of hysteria going on. I don't understand this stuff, and don't want to get involved.


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