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Fairish FAUST At ENO...

Annoying trip to the Coli. For starters, I'd had a last minute cancellation (and I have to pay, nowadays, so bah!) which really vexed me. I mean, if I'd known in decent time, I might have been able to get someone else, huff puff...I left my departure a bit late, only to be turned off at Westminster Abbey. I dunno why, but all the busses were terminating  there, without explanation. Now in my present state, that's a longish walk, and I ws dripping sweat and feeling disgusting when I  arrived. I hope nobody I used to know saw me...

Gounod's FAUST, of course, has its moments, but you have to doze through a lot of saccharine Victorian toss to get to that sublime finale.

It was a new production set in what looked like some sort of dreary munitions plant,which did little to liven it up, with Great War-era costumes.
The singing, as usual, was better than adequate, but I certainly didn't hear anything tingle-factor-y. I suppose the best was Melody Moore's Marguerite.
Iain Patterson was a very physically imposing, if dullish Mephistopheles.He looked about seven feet tall. He was also, in the first act, wearing what appeared to be the Mikado's big white suit from the Jonthan Miller production. The rest of the time he looked like Diaghilev. I don't know if that was intentional.
All in all, nothing to get worked up about, but OK, if you're in the mood. 

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