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Maddest Earworm Yet...

While schlepping round ASDA, my brain was suddenly flooded by THIS...Another one of those awful pious anthems we had to sing at school, to a rousing martial tune...

An army of youth, flying the standard  of truth,
We're fighting for Christ the Lord
Heads lifted high, 'Catholic Action!' our cry,
And the Cross our only sword.
On earth's battlefield, never a vantage we'll yield, as dauntlessy on we swing,
Comrades true, dare and do, 'neath the Queen's * white and blue,
For our flag, for our faith, for Christ the King!

Then, there's a stirring lil' recitativo...

Christ lifts His hands,
The King commands.
His challenge: 'Come and follow me.'
From every side,
With eager stride, we form in the lines of victory.
Let foremen lurk,
And laggards shirk,
We throw our fortunes with the Lord.
Mary's Son, 'til  the world is won, We have pledged you our loyal word.

...Then you sing the whole feckin' verse over again.
So far, I can't shake it.

*- Virgin Mary

Looks like a busyish week coming up, including another bloody vet visit tomorrow. (Amazy seems well, touch wood-)
Met up withmadamcod  yesterday, for a nice cake & chat  interlude.She was here for a Shakespearean orgy weekend at the Globe.  I think she's the first LJ friend I've met that I didn't already know in RL...or is that you, Camilla?

Terrible crap film alert: Nothing else was claiming my attention, so I watched THE BUCKET LIST the other night. Actually, I dozed through most of it, but it was vomitrocious, and if you ask me, rather insulting to poor, very sick people. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman (who was supposed to be poorish, but lived in palatial surroundings-) as two terminal cancer patients, were shown-er- scaling Pyramids, skydiving, and motorcycling on the Great Wall of China, in a last bid to do all the things they'd ever wanted to do, before they kicked it. Probably not terribly realistic. It certainly wasn't funny, or sad, or anything  much but barfy. Mainstream films, bah.

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